Technical Questions

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What blockchain is ZeroAlpha built on?

ZeroAlpha is built on the xDai blockchain, a sidechain of Ethereum in a totally non-custodial way, meaning that at no point in time the ZeroAlpha platform holds any of your funds.

How is the artwork visual stored?

Every artwork visual on ZeroAlpha is stored on IPFS ('Interplanetary File System') or SWARM, which are both decentralized storage systems allowing the root-hash based resolution of the original artwork file. This makes sure that the file doesn't depend on a central storage server - which can be switched off - and is therefore under full control of the collector.

What wallets can I use to interact with ZeroAlpha?

You can interact with the xDai blockchain via a properly configured MetaMask browser extension, the Status wallet or any mobile wallet which supports WalletConnect and the xDai Chain. Examples are: AlphaWallet (soon), Metamask Mobile or soon also the Minerva wallet.

What is WalletConnect and how does it work?

WalletConnect is a simple way to connect your mobile wallet with a website - in our case the ZeroAlpha website. When you select 'Connect to a wallet' on the ZeroAlpha website and choose 'WalletConnect', you will see a QR code, which has to be scanned with your mobile wallet. Once you have connected your xDai blockchain compatible wallet to the ZeroAlpha website, you can purchase your first artwork and confirm all transactions on your mobile wallet.

How to configure Metamask to work with xDai?

Go here to view instructions on how to configure your MetaMask wallet.

How do I get xDai?

xDai is the native currency of the xDai blockchain. In order to get xDai you can convert Dai on Ethereum to xDai on the xDai Chain seamlessly via the xDai Token Bridge. You can get Dai from most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken. If you have no Dai yet but ETH or ERC20 token on Ethereum, you can easily get it via the decentralized exchange Uniswap.
Last modified 2yr ago